Key Personnel

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson (Managing Director) is a successful entrepreneur who started his own battery manufacturing business at the early age of 20 in his father's garden shed. He grew the business into a multi million pound company over the fifteen years until he sold the company in 2004. With the entrepreneurial spirit still burning he set about creating a UK company to design and manufacture solar energy products (AceOn Solar) and specialised battery packs (AceOn Battery) to export around the world to create more jobs.

Mark is an extremely driven but jovial man, whose enthusiasm is infectious which often leads to many PR appearances on the TV and Radio, such as BBC News and Radio 5. He has 20 years of experience in the portable energy market, and has gained a high standing reputation within the industry.

Gerry Thompson

Gerry Thompson (Production Director) has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of battery packs, gained through the 20 years of running production. If there is a battery pack to be built then he is your man. Gerry is a fun loving man who likes nothing more than to keep spirits high through his questionably funny jokes. At the age of 72 a fifty hour week is not unusual. Gerry has a bulldog spirit which is infectious on others who show him complete loyalty and work to high quality standards.