AceOn Divisions

AceOn Group has three divisions:

  • AceOn Battery (Design, Manufacture and Distributer of Batteries)
  • AceOn Solar (Design and Manufacturer of Solar Products)
  • Solar SDS ™ (Energy Storage Systems)

AceOn Battery

AceOn Battery are battery experts in the design and manufacture of intelligent battery systems. They have the capabilities to custom-build battery packs to meet your specific requirements and provide support for your primary or rechargeable packs, starting from concept level, right the way through to completion of the packs. AceOn have also developed relationships with the major battery manufacturers over the years enabling worldwide distribution of 1000’s of different types of branded batteries.

AceOn Solar

AceOn Solar is specialised in research, development, manufacturing and service of solar modules, solar applications systems and solar power systems. Our company has the leading professional R&D team to deliver solar solutions across the world.

SolarSDS™ Energy Storage Systems

SolaSDS specialise in the design and manufacture of both portable and static energy storage systems for the on and off grid market. The product portfolio consists of portable solar generators ranging from 300-1000 watts and larger battery storage systems ranging from 2700-6300kWh. SolarSDS have partnered up with a leading European battery manufacturer which has enabled them to offer the worlds best battery technology - Lithium Titanate - offering 15,000 cycles (Lithium-Ion is around 5,000)